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Intensive German classes (integration classes) in Winnenden

Knowing the German language is key to integration. Integration classes are for immigrants who live or would like to live in Germany. An integration class consists of 600 units of German language training and of 100 units of “Life in Germany”. 

German language class
You will learn the vocabulary of all areas of everyday and working life. The class ends with the German test for immigrants (DTZ) and the B1 level. 
In the “Life in Germany” class you will learn about the legal and political system and culture of Germany. The class also ends with an exam.

The integration classes are funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). For more information see The course costs 229 Euros for one module of 100 units (each unit taking 45 minutes) for students who have a BAMF-permission. Without BAMF-permission one module costs 458 Euros. If you receive benefits (e.g. Arbeitslosengeld II or Sozialhilfe) you can apply for a complete waiver of costs.

Please come to our German class desk for further information. 

In order to register for a German integration class, please book an appointment for a free class consultation. Please contact us at 07195 10700 or